Project C

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario

Phone: 6472715043


First, who are we? Project C is a group of young, dedicated, motivated and diverse individuals from all across Canada, who have come together in the GTA to make change for our communities and all communities around us. We want to change the way youths are being heard and handled; by these agencies that are meant to protect and nurture them. Project C believes giving youth a voice, as well as connecting them with opportunities and resources, will help them to succeed. Project C plans to raise awareness of the adversities youth in care face, as well as give them access to the resources required to help them succeed. Project C is working to build networks with various agencies, and groups which will allow us to connect youths to housing, employment, education and social resources. Project C is working on a campaign which will feature stories from youth all across Canada. The youth will not only share their stories but will play a hands on role in every aspect of the campaign. Project C wants to build life long relationships with these youths, provide them opportunities they may not normally have and track their progress. Project C believes given a chance, all can succeed, and we want to prove it.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Most of the members of Project C have been in the care of CAS, CCAS, Native CAS or homeless. All the members have a passion for helping others - especially youth, and strive for the betterment of our communities. Thaila Dixon, the head of the group, is a visionary and the reason Project C was formed. Her sincere care for the youth's in care and with mental illnesses , is pushed by her own experiences in care. Through her passion, and need for change within the systems, we have come together and are making a vision come to life. We want to ensure that the youth's voices are being heard across the country. Youths in care: CAS, CCAS, Native CAS, homeless youth, native youth, and LGBTQ youth a-like. Project C believes all youth deserve a say in their lives and the communities they live in; their voices are crucial for change. Change in our public care systems, change in our justice systems and change in our communities.


Project C plans to film short videos, where the youth in care, past or present, can share who they are, and their experiences - in and out of care - in an honest and comfortable way. Project C wants to know if their experiences in care were negative or positive. We believe that in order to make change, these youths voices need to be heard. We will also use photographs to stir emotions and embody the notion of being trapped or chained to CAS, CCAS or Native CAS. Using the stories and an artistic element, we want to capture the essence of these individuals; their past and present. The idea of being torn between their reality and their dreams and future aspirations will be the theme. We want to evoke the emotions of average people, we want to intrigue them, causing them to want to know more. Many people do not know what CAS, CCAS, or Native CAS are, or what trial and tribulations these youths face in care. Project C wants to raise awareness, because we know through awareness can come change.