Organization Details

1910 Lake Shore Blvd. West Suite #403
Toronto , Ontario
M6S 1A4

Phone: 647 - 299-2382


Paddy Leung is a fairy of all traits that can magically make dreams come true. Using paper, glitter, streamers and dreams, she has been known to make beautiful, handmade, sculptural decorations of oversized donuts, clouds, flowers and so much more. Paddy enjoys challenging and connecting with people near and far through her blogs and various social media platforms in creative ways. She often invites her followers, friends and family to meet her at local art events in Toronto. Also known to comprise events and shows, Paddy aims to interact with Toronto’s vibrant art community and the city as a whole, bridging the gap between the art community and the local community. Paddy is also the founder of Coupe de Coeur – an art fundraiser campaign that provides haircuts to support art and community. This fundraiser hopes to invite artists, designers, and dreamers to support the arts in a mutually beneficial way. Paddy’s recent events include the Mask Party Show at 26, Tie Dye Party at The White House Studio and First Thursdays: Featured Artist at the Art Gallery of Ontario. She has also displayed several installations and art work at Nuit Blanche, Gladstone Hotel, City of Crafts and Worn Journal Launch Party.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I believe in sharing and making art brings true happiness and meaning to people's lives. My hopes and desires is to inspire others to expand their imagination and creativity. Hosting an event that is open and free to the local community fosters a unique and non-intimidating environment, allowing art to be a source of inspiration and joy that is otherwise rarely experienced.


I create fun and innovative art workshops and events.