F.A.M.I.L.Y Business

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Participates in LHION (Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Network) general and steering committee meetings. · Experienced the grassroots level of using the arts as an economic and social integration tool with the Remix project, Grassroots youth initiative, Art Starts, Urban Arts, and his own personal home studio that brought Lawrence Heights together. · Intentionally aligned the F.A.M.I.L.Y Business to work hand in hand with TCH’s efforts to provide employment & training through the new economic streams that are allocated to the growth of our respected communities. · Construction with SustainbleTO who were contracted by Burts Bee’s to build Bee Hotels for University of Guelph, Black Creek Pioneer Village, Royal Fairmont and Evergreen Brickworks. · Drafted architectural drawings for University of Toronto’s basement renovations · Developed and Recorded rising talent at the Remix project, assisting Noah “40”Shebib, and OVO · Produced working drawings with Fine Lines Design for 10 properties · Suite Access Coordinator for Lanterra Construction Management

Thoughts About Art and Community

Toronto residents with entrepreneurial, and passionate employment ambitions will utilize Hopeton's Resources, Networks, Opportunities & Skills to realize steps to their career path. Reduced symptoms of poverty Increased moral, community care, and corporate professionalism


F(ilm).A(rchitecture).M(usic).I(ndustry).L(earning).forY(outh) Business docudrama concert episodic series is providing employment and career readiness training in arts production to the young adults to equip them for repeated client service at full compliant capacity. We also prepare corporate and government entities with personal social responsibility training during the production of 5th wheel’s products & services