Raising Artists

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PO Box 26060 Broadway PO PO
Toronto , Ontario
M4P 0A8


Phone: 647-427-0920
Email: creative@raisingartists.ca


With my extensive educational background in Art History, Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology, and my 7 years of employment with the City of Toronto Pre-school, I quickly recognized the need for a revolution in the arts. I founded “Raising Artists” we've launched many social development workshops, geared towards children and the bonding with their parents. Raising Artists' vision is to unite participants through strong relationships of community. We develop, design, and manage these affordable and inventive programs with the goal of unlocking each individual’s inherent artistic ability through the simple art of expression and true creativity.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Raising Artists is an artistic and social experience geared towards nurturing relationships between parent and child through the expression of art and creativity. We believe the era of the cookie-cutter art product and artists must be revitalized with young and innovative thinkers to enhance their creativity and self-reliance in the art world.


We will be supplying the brushes, paint, the canvas and the creative space of like-minded people and professionals. Our method needs only one more element to get things started... The remarkable imagination of a child and the assistance of their parent! 
 This can all begin with the nourishing bond you establish with your child by taking them to one of our workshops. With the assistance of Raising Artists and our highly qualified and experienced staff, we can help the parents and the children create a masterpiece together.