kosa kolektiv

Organization Details

Email: kosa.kolektiv@gmail.com


A community of people of Ukrainian Canadian descent (but not only) who are united by their passion for artistic expression and community engagement. All are interested in fostering a rebirth of Slavic folk traditions. We cover a range of themes and media, but focus on making things with our hands using old and deliberate techniques and natural materials. We seek to re-learn forgotten songs, rituals, and stories, and to bring to life new ones in a relevant way within our urban communities. We use these things to help explore our self-expression and encourage the self-expression of those around us.

Thoughts About Art and Community

We believe that we are helping to create inclusive environments for anyone to come and explore the depths of folk traditions from a specific area of the world, while being able to fully express themselves culturally in any way they see fit. We provide a type of cultural exchange we believe best suited for a city as diverse as ours. Not only are we giving those of slavic heritage a place to come and learn more about their traiditons, but we open the culture to all and have started to create a community that has evolved into a truly beautiful multicultural village. Our masterclasses are either taught by us, or we search for the most sought after leaders in the ethnographic music and art scenes. When running events, we provided spaces that are respectful of everyone, including children and the elderly.


We offer workshops in different areas of folk culture such as making slavic easter eggs, embroidery, weaving, folk singing and folk dance. Seeing as many of us graduated from various art schools in Toronto, we also offer classes in mask making, clowning, theater and sculpting. Largely, we run community events that span the whole year, following the seasons. Our events are based in the slavic traditions however we are a diverse group and are always open to host events from other traditions. We also perform plays and sing at concerts on occasion.