Dragonfly Bellydance

Organization Details

559 Bloor St. West, 2nd & 3rd floors
Toronto , ON
M5S 1Y6


Phone: 416-534-0330
Email: dragonflybellydance@gmail.com


Dragonfly Dance is dedicated to bringing quality bellydance instruction in Toronto that is open to creative exploration while keeping great respect for the traditional forms of the dance. Our focus is versatile. While our foundation is Oriental Raqs Sharki, composed by both Egyptian and American Oriental styles, our classes spring from a vision that is open to the exploration of diverse styles: from the traditional rich folklore variety of the Middle East to the modern developments of Bellydance fusion and the enthralling images of Bellydance fantasy. Our instructors encourage students to listen to their body and respect its wisdom, to develop their individuality and creativity while expressing themselves through the language and technique of bellydance, and to progress at their own pace, finding their own voice. The intention of the instructors at Dragonfly Dance is to assist students in the development of their full potential, share the passion for bellydance and its manifold benefits, through particular attention to excellent technique and expressiveness, while keeping the classes fun and enjoyable. Dragonfly Dance is a unique school, forming students in traditional Egyptian Dance but also well rounded artists knowledgeable and skilled in different international bellydance styles and both traditional and modern bellydance props. Dragonfly is also the first and only school in Canada to offer Steampunk inspired classes as well as Bolero fusion.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Through our weekly classes as well as our performances at both private functions and community based events such as festivals and fundraisers we are dedicated to providing a source of joy and magic for our students and audience members. We offer a friendly, warm and open atmosphere for our students to come and learn this beautiful art form which brings them so much joy, self confidence, empowerment and contentedness. We are committed to providing performances and prize donations to as many fundraisers and charities as we can possibly fit into our calendars so that we may spread the joy that this dance form brings as well as contribute to helping out organizations in need. After hearing many a story of how bellydance has changed people's lives we never underestimate the power of this art form and what it can bring to people from all walks of life.


*Session-based belly dance classes and weekend workshops, for students from total beginners to professional dancers. * We provide formal training for the serious dance student who wishes to become a professional Bellydance artist as well as a fun, comfortable and nurturing environment for recreational dancers who wish to learn the basics and look to bellydance as a hobby or a fitness alternative. *We offer traditional bellydance and Middle Eastern Folklore as well as modern bellydance, diverse types of fusion (Tribal fusion, Steampunk Fusion, Ballet Bellydance, Samba Bellydance and Oriental Bolero) as well as fitness classes (Bellyfit and Yoga). *We offer a place where people can learn to bellydance, meet new friends, have fun and feel comfortable. *Dragonfly is a professional belly dance school that features well-trained professional instructors, progressive teaching methods, a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere, and a beautiful facility with a boutique that carries all what the bellydance enthusiast needs: accessories, class wear, hip-scarves, props. *We offer bellydance classes for all ages and stages of life!