Feminist Art Conference

Organization Details

856 King St.West
Toronto , Ontario
M5V 1P1

Email: torontofac@gmail.com


Feminist Art Conference (FAC) is a Toronto-based organization that brings together artists, academics and activists to consider feminist issues through art. Founded in 2013 by artist Ilene Sova, FAC began initially as an event to link feminist artists with each other as well as providing a forum in which to discuss our content. The first Feminist Art Conference caught the interest of over 70 participating artists and 175 attendees. With astounding interest both nationally and internationally, the FAC Committee made an on-going commitment to facilitating interdisciplinary and inclusive arenas for feminist art.

Thoughts About Art and Community

The mission for the Feminist Art Conference (FAC) was inspired by the recent (and ongoing) spate of attacks on women’s and transgender rights in Canada, the US and abroad. Issues such as rape culture, trans phobia, racism, violence, media representation, cultural appropriation, environmental degradation and impact on Aboriginal lands, missing and murdered Indigenous women, and Islamophobic policies are areas of deep concern. These infringements on our right to agency and independence have been occurring in alarming numbers in our governments, in the media and in our communities. This conference provides an opportunity for these issues to be explored and communicated artistically in a unique and creative space that encourages sharing, creating and discussion. In the centuries old tradition of people organizing we believe that by coming together and communicating about these issues through our artistic practice, that we can initiate progressive change.


FAC hosts a yearly multidisciplinary feminist art conference that inspires sharing, networking & collaboration conference . However, since our inception, we have partnered and organizated art shows in conjunction with theatre productions, hosted a Culture Days event, and curated a special exhibition in honour of International Women's Day at Daniels Spectrum (You're Not Here, 2015) and will be hosting a feminist artist residency in May 2015 at Artscape Gibraltar Point Toronto Island.