ETA Awards - Emerging Toronto Artists Awards


The annual 'ETA Awards - Emerging Toronto Artists Awards', is a one-night, visual artist awards ceremony, performing artist show and curated art exhibit with local artists displaying and selling their original work commission-free. The event was founded in 2014 by local emerging artist and graduate of Ryerson University, Alexandra Karakis. We premiered on Nov 4, 2014 at the historic Palais Royale in Toronto's west end. Open to the public, the first year was a great success with 40+ local emerging artists participating and $800+ in awards/prizes presented in our juried ceremony. With the long term intention of retiring the phrase 'starving artist' in our community and promoting the '#ThrivingArtist" movement, the ETA Awards supports not just the creation of art, but the discipline and professional mentality required by the artist to sustain their lifestyle exclusively through their artistic passions. The ETA Awards combines an art exhibit, with performing artist show, and an awards presentation with prizes and trophies, to expose, recognize and encourage artists of various disciplines. The 2015 event is being planned for the fall with exact date TBA shortly. We encourage all Toronto artists to join us online in the meantime, where we enjoy sharing their artwork year-round via our growing social networks. (Twitter/Instagram: @ETAAwards | Pinterest: /ETAAwards | Facebook: /etaawards.toronto)

Thoughts About Art and Community

The ETA Awards believes in the mind state of the artist as the most important tool in becoming successful. The term 'starving artist' is due to retire as it promotes what we believe is an unhealthy self perception of the working artist as not financially sustainable. We want to help educate the emerging artist through a support team of optimistic, role-model artists who are actively getting their artwork 'out there' while not solely focused on themselves, but supporting others aspiring to do the same. With all the power of online social networking, one of the most important things we do is building our online communities to be positive and supportive of one-another.


The ETA Awards is a one night event which offers a platform for artists to exhibit and sell their original artwork free of commissions, alongside performing artists, dancers, musicians and a juried awards presentation that awards trophies and prizes to notable artists for their talents and achievements. The annual event is open to the public to attend, and the ETA Awards' social networks are available year round to help promote and expose local emerging artists. (Twitter/Instagram: @ETAAwards | Pinterest: /ETAAwards | Facebook: /etaawards.toronto)