Margaret Cameron

Organization Details

Toronto , ON
M6B 3H3

Phone: 416-333-6242


Margaret Cameron is a visual artist who focuses primarily in the areas of pottery, mosaics, glass work, mixed media, collage, painting and photography. Since 2009, she has led a variety of workshops that focus on living mindfulness through the arts for many different community groups .

Thoughts About Art and Community

Fun, safe environment for finding new ways to express oneself through the arts. These workshops help build connections both with oneself and with one's community. Workshops: are a mini-retreat from day-to-day cares, a creative outlet, promoting thinking "outside the box", helps improve focus, provides a new perspective, a positive approach, relaxation, stress reduction, group bonding & support and FUN!


Art-based workshops exploring a wide range of art mediums and incorporating mindfulness techniques and practices. Workshops are suitable for special interest groups, community agency clients or staff - anyone interested in exploring mindfulness and art.