Invention Squad

Organization Details

Toronto , ON
M6J 2J5

Phone: 416 262 8829


Invention squad provides design workshops for young people in the Toronto area. We are fans of using our hands, a pile of junk and open-ended thinking to solve a problem. Through a series of playful invention challenges, we introduce children to some of the core concepts of Design Thinking: brainstorming, rapid prototyping, user experience and evaluation.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Invention Squad seeks to: Collaborate with community partners to bring relevant design to life in our neighbourhoods. Teach sustainability in part by celebrating local design. Form bonds with the Toronto Maker community. Encourage collaboration between students. Introduce young kids to the nexus of design professionals In Toronto. Promote inclusive design in a local context. Be part of the community art hub at Artscape Youngplace. Enhance cooperation between local schools.


After school design classes for age 7-12 yr. olds In school workshops for elementary school students Neighborhood projects School and community events Online design challenges for kids