Yshmael Cabana

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Ysh Cabana received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from the Philippines. Learning the ropes after moving to Canada, he writes about culture to contribute to the growing Filipino community, particularly in Toronto. He had articles written in The Philippine Reporter, Tahanan Magazine, Basics Community News, and on a variety of online blogs. From winning a logo design competition for Kalayaan Cultural Community Centre, his works have been constantly used by community-based organizations for various campaigns: Canada-wide human rights tour in 2012, International day to end impunity 2012, Filipino youth group Anakbayan's fundraiser in 2012, and Mabuhay! Festival in Harbourfront Centre among others. Recently, weekly show Radyo Migrante, which he co-hosts, won the 2013 best spoken word program in CHRY community radio. Thoughts about art and community: As a trained architect, Ysh Cabana engages art in various scales. He works across disciplines of literature and visual art. He believes that the actual process of creative making--as distinct from the product--can be used to make a difference. Good design can never be taken into account without research and understanding the brief. As much as one can claim that a body of work is original there will always a precedent or a concurrent work and this is how he embraces a particular design problem. He adores minimal compositions as much as vibrant and bold. His critical attitude is essentially projected towards optimism.

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