Aine Kavanagh


About: My name is Aine (pronounced a bit like 'Onion') and I am a socially-engaged Collaborative Artist who recently moved to Toronto from Dublin, Ireland. I don't work in a studio though, I work with people. All kinds of people. I don't see the point in it otherwise. I'm not trying to save the world or anything, I just want people to be creative. I think that art is a language, one that everyone can speak, and one everyone should get the chance to speak. I don't necessarily think art needs to have an end-point or a finished product to hang in a gallery either. Life is Art and Art is Life as far as I'm concerned. I am a founding member of This Is Collective, an interdisciplinary Arts Collective working in the Public Sphere. With the collective and on my own, I have worked with people and groups of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and circumstances all over Ireland. This work ranges from hour-long workshops to 9 month Projects, and everything in between, sometimes working with participants from the public that come and go, and sometimes working from the ground up with collaborators on long-term ventures. Thoughts about art and community: I am blown away by how welcoming and helpful people in the Arts Community are in Toronto. I think that you need to put a little bit of effort into Networking at first, but then it all pays off when you get such positive feedback and advice. There is so many opportunities in Toronto and I feel like I have barely skimmed the surface.

Thoughts About Art and Community