Storytelling Toronto

Organization Details

173-601 Christie Street
Toronto , ON
M6G 4C7

Phone: 416-656-2445


Storytelling is the oral art of sharing stories, which Storytelling Toronto fosters, nurtures, and supports, for both storytellers and story-listeners. Storytelling Toronto produces the free weekly StoryTent at The Stop Farmer's Market; its annual concert series StoryFusion Cabaret!; courses and workshops for all levels of storyteller, from novice to advanced; and the annual Toronto Storytelling Festival, which features local, national and international storytellers. The organization’s latest project is an online storytelling resource guide for older people and their carers called Memories Into Stories. Storytelling Toronto began life in 1979 as the Storytellers School of Toronto. It was founded by seven storytellers who wanted to encourage the renaissance of storytelling in modern society. Storytelling Toronto is run primarily by volunteers, and supported by part-time paid staff. The original seven storytellers added others to the leadership, and the organization is now overseen by a Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting held in October. Storytelling Toronto makes its home at the Artscape Wychwood Barns.

Thoughts About Art and Community

We hope to build and strengthen diverse communities through storytelling, a community practice. The storyteller does not read from a book, the storyteller knows the story, and seeks to make connections with listeners, and offer others the opportunity to tell, also. StoryTent in particular is one of our proudest programs, as it has a direct impact on listeners of all ages. We also seek to give local storytelling artists a platform or launchpad for their careers, whether they are performing at the Festival alongside internationally renowned storytellers, or just starting out with one of our courses. Our professional members also receive calls for storytellers from community organizations, schools and small non-profits seeking to integrate storytelling into their settings.


We offer the weekly, family-friendly, and free admission, StoryTent, 2 hours of storytelling at the The Stop Farmer's Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns, every Saturday from 11am to 1pm. We also offer the concert series StoryFusion Cabaret!, courses for all levels of storytellers, from novices/beginners to advanced tellers. We also host the annual Toronto Storytelling Festival (