ADCID - Aiding Dramatic Change in Development

Organization Details

1000 King Street West (Suite 215)
Toronto , Ontario

Phone: 4168234957


About: We facilitate the accessibility of theatre, and art as powerful forces for change, particularly to those in marginalized communities. To work on artistically challenging projects where community and cultural dialogue remain at the core. We also conduct evaluations and/or research in collaboration with all of our community partners to monitor and evaluate effectiveness, improve knowledge translation, and inform the work of stakeholders. Thoughts about art and community: I want to encourage the sharing of ideas and the weaving of performance into the fabric of Toronto life.

Thoughts About Art and Community

To develop relationship, understanding and trust across our Toronto Communities.


We create inspirational experiences for people to influence and transform the world around them. We see influence as a deeper level of engagement, beyond inclusion. In all our arts engagement work we structure and seek opportunities where community members go beyond “participating” but have real influence in the creation or discovery process. We use spatial non-verbal processes and metaphor to explore ideas, share experiences, and facilitate dialogue.  We nurture personal growth, a sense of inclusion and build community. In all our long-term projects we work to build local facilitation capacity with community members and partner organisations.