Small Wooden Shoe


Founded in 2001 by Jacob Zimmer in Halifax and now based in Toronto, Small Wooden Shoe is a (mostly) theatre company that swings between the intimate and the epic. Small Wooden Shoe is named after the tools French workers would use to jam the machinery when on strike. Their “sabot” – small wooden shoes – gave English the word “sabotage.” Like them, we want to disrupt the machinery of "business as usual" in hopes for a better world. Small Wooden Shoe seeks out partnership opportunities with other artists, creation companies, venues and presenters across disciplines and fields. We understand and encourage the inter-dependant nature of contemporary art practice. Wanting a local, national and international conversation about the world and about performance, we believe that traveling and meeting (including inside the GTHA) are essential ways of extending the reach of the company and the work we do, while getting vital feedback and inspiration. In our work creating meetings and events, Small Wooden Shoe uses current and effective facilitation, brainstorming and consultation practices, mixed with our own innovative and idiosyncratic performance style. We bring experience with conferences, unconferences, keynote presentations, debating workshops, online collaboration, and 10 years of making theatre in which groups come together to make the world a more interesting and engaged place.

Thoughts About Art and Community

We believe theatre is a useful tool to think-through, feel-out and change-up important social, historical, political and other everyday issues. We believe this requires a passion for a good night out and a commitment to accessibility, humour and vulnerability.


Performances and podcasts. Workshops and consulting.