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About: Adam Quang is an award winning interdisciplinary artist whose work explores human nature and plausibility in contemporary society; pieces that stroke the visual and tactile senses, that touch the heart, and hinge on the duality of his life spent in Asia and North America. In a mass market versus mass marketing framework, Adam's art stirs our imagination through image and metaphor, shadow and hidden meaning within. He provokes action from the viewer and invites them to be part of the evolving art. He is the founder of World Karma Project. Its mission is to make you and the people around you "awesome." Adam currently lives in Toronto Canada. Thoughts about art and community: KINDNESS SHOP PROPOSAL: This proposal is for a pop-up shop venue in Toronto (empty store, building hallway or lobby) that displays an art installation entitled "1000 Acts of Kindness." The #1000ActsofKindness uses 1,000 hand-folded origami cranes, plus social media, to impact the local community. This project combines creativity with a heart in order to help others. It can provoke an alternate perspective within participants and reveal one's relationship to reality. Viewers can be transformed in numerous ways, opening up their minds to new possibilities of kindness and compassion as a collective repertoire, asking themselves "WHAT CAN I DO / GIVE?" instead of "WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME / WHAT DO I GET?" * Project / Video:

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