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About: Across Oceans creates events, workshops, and other platforms for Collaborations of artists, and artists and community. With the belief that all arts and communication are fundamentally physically-based. Our programs reach across all disciplines, and are also across ethnicities, geographies and generations, Canada and internationally since the 1970's.These words sound rather formal but our work is really about getting together to experience the different aspects of good art. Most recent projects: KRIMA! (with 140 performers), chosen as top 10 best dance shows in Toronto 2009 (Now mag); coming in Feb'10 is "Soft Parcours Dialogues" group/event/performance (all welcome to join) . Founder and director Maxine Heppner has been creating, producing and teaching in Toronto since the 1970's. For more info: Thoughts about art and community: Toronto is a unique environment with all the ingredients for great art action and communication: a positive civil society constantly negotiating the tensions and intentions of peoples of shared and different experiences, ethnicities, interests, generations. economies...The results are fascinating and the continuing potential is endless...

Thoughts About Art and Community