Reelworld Film Festival

Organization Details

50 Carroll Street, 106
Toronto , ON

Phone: 416-598-7933


Actress and Advocate Tonya Williams, founded Reelworld Film Festival in 2001 to give better access and professional development to Canadian racially diverse and indigenous filmmakers, content creators and artists. Since that time there have been many success stories from hundreds of Canadian artists who credit their success to Reelworld.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Reelworld creates a platform where artists of colour have a voice to share their authentic truths with a diverse public. These racialized artists create nuanced and multi-faceted characters that tell very different and emotionally layered stories. The telling of these stories creates positive change, understanding and social impact. Reelworld supports filmmakers who want to own their strength and use the power of film and storytelling to express. We continue to be the microphone through which our artists can speak and be heard.


Screening Canadian racially and indigenous narrative and documentary features, shorts, music videos, animation, webisodes and VR360. Workshops for professional development, Awards, Networking, Emerging 20 Initiative(E20), Industry Panels.