Rani Sanderson


I am a trained facilitator for community arts programs, with a particular interest in digital storytelling. Since 2015 I have been running StoryCentre Canada, in partnership with StoryCentre in the US, the pioneers of digital storytelling. I have a Master of Environmental Studies and concentrate on community arts and development. My interests lie in working with newcomer groups, children and youth groups, food security and access, anti-racism and diversity education, community and capacity building. As an arts educator at Harbourfront Centre, I teach students photography, media literacy urban studies and government studies, and other arts programs. I am Senior Program Director with Small Print Toronto, designing and implementing creative and interactive literary events for children and youth. With a background in film studies, I am also a programmer for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I work with communities to help them tell and share their personal and community stories for personal growth, self-reflection, advocacy work, educational purposes, research, etc.


I specialize in storytelling, specifically digital storytelling, but also work across many other community arts disciplines.