StoryCentre Canada


Along with our U.S.-based partner, StoryCenter, StoryCentre Canada supports communities in using storytelling and participatory media for reflection, education, and social change. We work across every sector of Canadian society, with individuals and communities, to collect memories that help tell the histories of social justice, civic activism and other movements and issues that affect Canadians. Our workshop methods assist individuals in finding, sharing, and listening to first-person stories. We offer a range of story facilitation and digital storytelling methods, helping organizations successfully capture stories and build their internal storytelling capacity. We believe that sharing and listening to stories can change lives and change the world. StoryCentre Canada is committed to challenging white supremacy and supporting social justice, in every aspect of our work.

Thoughts About Art and Community

The ritual of sharing insights about life can be immensely valuable both to those who speak and those who bear witness. People who believe they are mundane, uninteresting, or unmemorable possess beneath this mask a vivid, complex, and rich body of stories just waiting to be told. We work with individuals and community organizations to help elevate the voices of the diverse populations that make up the City of Toronto.


Through partnerships with a range of organizations, institutions, and funders we offer story-making and distribution services that prioritize the power of individual voices. We specialize in Digital Storytelling: short, multimedia videos, rooted in personal narrative and illustrated with photos, video clips and other visual artworks. Our workshop methods enable participants to produce short, first-person videos. We provide non-threatening environments in which the process of creation is valued as much as the stories created.