Paulina O Kieffe


Paulina is a 29-year-old Toronto entrepreneur, project manager, spoken word artist, community worker, program facilitator, youth activist (and mom of 2!) who has been working and performing across Toronto for the last 10 years.The Founder/Artistic Director of Guerrilla of the Word and former coordinator of R.H.Y.M.E. poetry collective (Revolutionaries Honoring Your Mind’s Eye) Paulina is influenced by her diverse descent and her work in multiple communities, bringing her passion to the page and the stage. Her poetry, which covers a diverse range of topics from love to revolution, appears in print in ‘Guerillas of the Word’ and “If I Ran the School.” Paulina has performed and hosted performances across the City of Toronto and beyond for the last 11 years. Her performances include performing at the opening for the RUKUS: Anti Racism Anti Oppression Conference for youth held at York University in 2010 and competing in the Toronto International Poetry Slam in 2007 and more recently in 2014.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Paulina’s role as an artist educator and spoken word artist has allowed her to teach, support, engage and inspire youth in a way that is outside of an education system that sometimes presents barriers to learning for young people simply because alternative methods of education are not available. Her use of spoken word poetry and writing for healing workshops support in the healing of individuals in the community that are experiencing trouble letting go of mental weights that may be holding them down in life by giving them a voice to express themselves freely in non judgemental spaces.


Paulina has been using spoken word to teach young people in a number of communities about self-education, expression and empowerment for the last 10 years. In addition to teaching at Harbourfront, she has and continues to teach workshops for schools, community centers and community organizations such as Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club, Delisle Youth Services, Canadian Stage and Art Starts.