REX Pride

Organization Details


To create a safe-space in Rexdale/Jamestown and give youth who identify as LGBTTIQQ2SPA the opportunity to learn quality artistic skills and create a message for social change in the community. We are an organization that works on a two tear agenda to: 1. To provide a "Safe Space" and support for LGBTQ youth in the Rexdale/Jamestown community where they are free to explore the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity in various, self-guided ways. This is accomplished by creating and supporting interesting and creative programs, which is led by a Youth Steering Committee, to engage them in quality programming that actually supports them in the process of addressing both their internal and external journey as it relates to the LGBTQ topic. 2. To support local schools, agencies and residents through raising awareness, educating, networking and sharing of resources. We have begun to establish a network in the community by fostering fluidity in communication and supports. By doing so we are creating a larger and stronger base that may become a support network for the youth we service as well as expanding the surroundings of their "Safe Space" to encompass the community as a whole. Thoughts about art and community: The art community in Toronto is vast, diverse and passionate. There are many artists who share their creativity with the greater population who wouldn't even think themselves "good enough" to call themselves artist because they are not professionally trained or only enjoy the medium as a hobby. Art is an amazing tool that covers and supports many personal, social, and societal topics and issues. Art is creativity and with that has no limit or boundaries.

Thoughts About Art and Community