Nisha Ahuja

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nisha ahuja actor, writer, and educator, has performed and created classical, contemporary, and original work in Canada, the Netherlands, and India. Recently she was an actor with National Arts Centre's Resident Acting Company, toured her one-woman show Yoga Cannibal (Director Yvette Nolan, developed at Buddies), and will be published in Playwright Canada Press' anthology Refractions: Solo. nisha is currently a member of Cahoots' Playwright Unit, co-developing "The Besetting of Reena Virk" with a new collective Subtle Vigilance , and writing "Cycle of a Sari". When facilitating workshops nisha focusses on theatre creation (collective creation, physical theatre, playwrighting, and creation through performance) and has had the privilege of working with a range of youth in Canada and India with renowned theatre companies, urban and rural schools, as well as NGOs and grassroots community organizations. Thoughts about art and community: We live in a dangerous time. Dangerous because our stories are too often erased or diluted by a society that gains power through this silencing. It is through telling the stories in our bodies, minds, voices, imaginations, histories, ancestry, and neighbourhoods that we can effect change within and to that system, and just as importantly build and transform within our communities and ourselves. It is through art we show the fabric of people that carries Toronto. It is through art that we rediscover and reclaim the power of our voices reclaiming ourselves, re-examining our histories, and revitalizing our truth. Our truths are challenging and complex. Our truths need to be heard. Our truths can and will change the landscape of art and the society we live in and hope to build.

Thoughts About Art and Community