Member Benefits

Want to the know the benefits of joining the Network?

Members have access to the following programs:


Promotion & Advocacy: through our centralized, interactive website; communications with city councillors; printed materials such as posters, postcards and member directories distributed through libraries and community centres; through videos and online profiles highlighting various arts projects throughout the city.

Networking: through an ongoing series of networking events throughout the city; regular newsletters and our constantly updated, member-driven website

Professional Development: through ongoing workshops, seminars, and larger forums.

Research & Resource Sharing: through roundtable discussions; interviews and consultations with artists; publishing and sharing information on funding, policy, and best practices; encouraging bartering and resource sharing through our website and newsletter.

Building Partnerships: with city builders, social services agencies, libraries, community and health centres, business improvement associations and others who share the desire to enhance Toronto’s neighbourhoods through the arts.

Awards: Members are eligible to apply for our bi-annual RBC Newcomer Artist Award ($2,000) or annual Community Arts Award ($10,000).

Membership has its responsibilities. In order to keep the Network current and active, members are required to:

  • Create a profile page on the Neighbourhood Arts Network website
  • Update your profile on a regular basis; minimum of once per year
  • Create a link between your website and the Neighbourhood Arts Network website, and
  • Take an active, participatory role in the Network – which could take the form of attending Networking sessions, contributing to the Network blog, completing surveys, or taking part in a committee

For more information please feel free to contact us