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DISS: from the streets to the stage

October 25, 2011

Today Mixed Company Theatre (MCT) is the launch of the AVIVA Community Fund Idea Proposal, DISS:  from the streets to the stage.  Help them bring theatre for social change to three communities (Hamilton, Brampton and Mississauga) in southern Ontario by giving your VOTE!


Starting October 24 to November 9 the polls are open for the 2nd round of Voting.  MCT will be releasing photos and video clips from their DORA award nominated play, DISS, as well as asking you through email and social media to please cast your vote.  All you have to do is take a moment of your time to visit their profile and VOTE.


Remember your vote means 9,600 underserved students will be given the opportunity to get involved in changing our communities for the better.


How can you help?



  1. Visit []

  2. Sign in (or register)

  3. Vote for ACF11689 DISS: from the streets to the stage

  4. Repeat the next day (each voter has 15 votes, one for each day of the contest)



Email - send along our communications to your friends and colleagues

  1. Social Media- re-post and share our communications on
    Facebook, Twitter, Reditt, etc.

  1. Word of Mouth- share the project idea with people face to face


From the DISS website:

'The intent of DISS – From the Streets to the Stage - is to explore the issue of gang presence in community and the pressures youth face finding social connection and identity. DISS deals with the factors that affect young people living with gangs in their communities: snitching, family relationships, friendship, theft and gun violence. Our idea is to tour this community-collaborative production for underserved youth (ages 12-18) in three communities throughout Southern Ontario (Mississauga, Brampton and Hamilton).'


For more information, visit DISS via:

Twitter | Web | Youtube | Facebook